Some Help Along The Way

In the Get Coding program, which is based in St. John's, students learn web development concepts through practical application. Each student is paired with a senior member of the local tech industry, and together they collaborate on creating a portfolio project that is seen through to completion. Below is a list of the mentors I had the privilege of working with, along with their feedback on my work.
  • Esteban Ricalde - Senior Software Developer, Mysa

    Aaron and I only worked together for 6 sessions. He is a really hard working and smart developer. I was able to see a significant improvement during that time. The fact he was able to be proficient in React after 6 sessions shows how fast he learns and can adapt to new technologies. Aaron is also very proactive and self-directed. He learnt most of the basic React concepts before we started working together.
  • Karthik Poomalraj - Software Developer, PointClickCare

    Aaron is a great addition to a team who brings great dedication and curiosity towards problem solving. He is a inquisitive individual who shows great excitement towards implementing new technologies.
  • Shiwei Han - Software Developer, Verafin

    Aaron is an independent learner and eager to put hands down to build things, and also knows when to ask for help when blocked. Aaron had already eastablished a good foundation of learning Java himself before meeting me, which really helped him understand some of the fundamentals of Javascript.
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